Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Yearend Confessions and Plans for 2017

Since the beginning of August of this year, I started roleplaying religiously at twitter. I didn't think it would become a consummate literary endeavor, however which would affect my scheduled reading materials that I review here at my book  blog--but it finally did after all. By October, I was already struggling to read and review all the books and comics I had outlined earlier this year. Sure, I made it through most of them while others did not hold my attention that long enough to sustain my interest so I had to put them in the back-burner. 

This month had been more taxing than expected and since my roleplay writing had become more engrossing, elaborate and interactive where my writing muse truly grew, I couldn't just find time to squeeze in reading into the mix anymore. This was disheartening since I do take so much enjoyment and pride writing reviews not just here in this literature blog but also in my Batman, Hellblazer and X-Men blogs. I started out this book-reviewing project back in 2014 which was also around the same time I also joined GoodReads. 

The intellectual stimulation I got from reading and also typing out insightful reviews demonstrated that I have a passion for consuming and dissecting literature. Suffice to say, this entry would not be some sort of goodbye letter. It's quite the opposite. 

For starters, I just want to disclose that all the scheduled books I had for December have all been dropped and put on-hold for the time being. These include the two webcomics by the talented Minna Sundberg and CLAMP's Legal Drug/Drug and Drop manga. I also had to shelf Grant Morrison's The Invisibles series. I'm not sure when I can pick them up again but I will come back to these goodies eventually once I get over the next clusterfuck headed my way. 

My 2017 Reading Challenge will be my slimmest list yet. I could only commit to reading 50 books mostly because a better part of that year would be dedicated to playing/reading Japanese visual novels. GR doesn't have a criteria for VNs so my reviews will solely be posted here. My Batman and Hellblazer Month will be combined by May 2017. I opted to watch and review Batman-centric animated flicks while I read and review issues #101-120 of Hellblazer: John ConstantineI only have four major works I want to read/consume for 2017 and these are:

  • The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich by W.L. Shirer (June-December)
  • 2 books of the Foundation series by Isaac Asimov (October-November)
  • Gilgamesh the King by Robert Silverberg  (December)
  • The Sandman: Overture by Neil Gaiman (December)

For Visual Novels:
  • JUNE: Clannad
  • JULY: Aselia the Eternal
  • AUGUST: G-Sensou no Maou
  • SEPTEMBER: Fault

It's bound to be a very busy year for me! On top of that, I still have major fanfiction writing projects to continue within the year next to my rigorous roleplaying at twitter. I can only hope to fulfill and endure all these scheduled geeky activities. I will pray to all the geek gods to grant me the clarity of mind for this!